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   WorldAgoras.COM(World B2B trade platform) takes various cities as the unit in the country, and takes the "one belt and one road" along the line and the member states of the Asian investment bank as the unit. Aiming at the local superior manufacturing enterprises, export trade enterprises, and the export oriented trading enterprises, the member service platform for Global trade is launched. At present, Quanmai has successfully built 1200 search engine directory links in five major language families around the world, providing member enterprises with automatic conversion of tens of languages in five major language families, ensuring that member enterprises get the ideal ranking of portal search engines in countries interested in exporting, and providing member enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, with a large number of export trade orders.
   WorldAgoras.COM Online actively cooperates with local government trade promotion agencies and relevant functional departments to share large data in the areas of commodity inspection, customs, logistics and finance, integrate all export preferential policies and provide one-stop landing services for member enterprises.
   WorldAgoras.COM, Make Trade Simpler!

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